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Learn to code. We train smart and motivated people to become strong developers in 12 weeks.

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The Difference

Admissions to CodeIQ is extremely selective. As such admitted students have the following advantages:

  • Challenging Pace
  • Curriculum that lands top jobs
  • High-achieving partners for team projects
  • Build an Unparalleled Tech Network
  • Recruiters heavily recruit our students

Quantitative Score Percentile on Last Standardized Test (i.e SAT or GMAT)

  • Average

  • Low

  • High


Applicants are judged on the following three characteristics:

  • Analytical excellence

    You are a gifted problem solver

  • Track record of high achievement

    When you commit, you excel

  • Relentless passion for personal growth

    You push yourself


Colleges attended or attending include:

Online Advantage

Our online environment is structured to replicate working at a Silicon Valley tech company. Students are given small challenges or larger projects which they code to solve. Students learn by doing. The hottest software applications (such as slack for messaging and Zoom for video-conferencing / screen sharing) are an integrated part of our school environment for collaboration, just as they are an integrated part of the work environment in Silicon Valley.



All learning comes from action. Our students develop their capabilities by developing software. Very little time is spent reading material or watching lecture as compared to other structured learning environments.


  • High School

    Learn to code part-time while completing your regular coursework, or accelerate learning with a high-intensity program over summer.

  • Full stack learning empowers you to build a business from scratch or simply be way ahead of the curve in college.

  • College +

    Part-time or Full-Time, gain practical skills and a paved entry-point to six figure offers from the coolest tech companies. Ideal for college students and recent graduates from top universities who are still paving their way.

  • Control your destiny. Accelerate learning so you can build scalable solutions with modern design. Land an awesome job, or take an entrepreneurial path in the tech world where businesses sell for the highest multiples.

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Why CodeIQ?

Blank Page, Sharp Pen

Our programs are challenging but designed for all levels of experience. Many students begin with little or no coding experience. We welcome theses students who we call "Blank Page, Sharp Pen", and they are frequently our most successful graduates as they start every project with a beginner's mind.

Always be, Growing

Many of our college students and graduates come from computer science majors. As such, they are positioned to learn practical applications at an accelerated rate. Our projects have infinite levels of complexity so that every student is challenged on a daily basis with maximum opportunity for personal growth.