Coding Bootcamp for College Students and Recent Graduates

  • Get ahead of the Curve

  • Land $100K+ Jobs at Graduation

  • High IQ, High Motivation Required

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  • Why Code IQ

    Being smart is not just about having a high IQ. It’s about thinking long-term about your future and making decisions that accelerate your path and give you an advantage.

    Start a Business

    Be the next Mark Zuckerberg. You understand your peers in a way that older generations do not. Combined with full stack application knowledge, you are uniquely positioned to build the next big thing for you and your peers.

  • Jumpstart your career

    Practical skills learned at CodeIQ will position you to start your coding career with a better company, in a more advanced role, and at a higher pay grade. CodeIQ students have a direct path into job interviews with the hottest tech companies.

    Ace Computer Science Classes

    Still in college? Get the practical understanding that will enable you to ace computer science classes and gain a deeper understanding of your coursework.

College Program Options

Learn to code part-time while completing your regular coursework, or accelerate learning with a high-intensity Full-Time program.


(Relaxed Pace)

36 weeks, 10 hours per week


(High Intensity)

10 weeks, 40 hours per week



  • More valuable than any class at Harvard. It baffles me that such a prestigious institution usurps so much brain power on useless knowledge. My brain was just as challenged but in a useful way during my program at CodeIQ.


    Python | Student
  • I made great friends at CodeIQ. It was really cool to be paired for projects with another student at UCLA. We will be lifelong friends and are already brainstorming our first business to build.


    Web Fundamental | Student
  • I literally gave CodeIQ a list of companies, and they opened the door to job interviews. I can’t believe I can graduate at 22 and earn six figures. There is so much opportunity for developers, and CodeIQ gave me the knowledge to be ahead of the applicant pool.


    MySQL | Student
  • I started developing on my own at 15, self-taught. I’m now a computer science major at UT Austin. I was more advanced than most of the students at CodeIQ, but they caught up to my entry-point pretty quickly. My 1-on-1 instructor Michael did a great job pushing me as far as I could go on each project. I’m twice as strong of a developer having attended the course.


    HTML 5 | Student
  • I am a junior at Caltech and a math major. I took a computer science intro course and felt like it could be the right career path for me. CodeIQ enabled me to continue my major in math but still propel forward as a software engineer. I will likely pursue software engineering after graduation, and I would not have had the background to do so without CodeIQ.


    Angular.js | Student
  • I graduated from UCLA and took an analyst job at a REIT. I hated it. By contrast, my first day of CodeIQ I knew I was in the right place. I am just graduating from the program and interviewing with tech companies in my hometown back in Denver. There is so much opportunity, and CodeIQ has made connecting with companies a seamless process. I could not be happier.


    iOS-Swift | Student