Coding Bootcamp for High School Students with High IQs

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  • Why Code IQ

    Being smart is not just about having a high IQ. It’s about thinking long-term about your future and making decisions that accelerate your path and give you an advantage.

    Start a Business

    Be the next Mark Zuckerberg. You understand your peers in a way that older generations do not. Combined with full stack application knowledge, you are uniquely positioned to build the next big thing for you and your peers.

  • Enhance Your College Applications

    Differentiate yourself from the pack with your certificate from code IQ. It’s more impressive, selective, and interesting than being another kid in the debate club or on student council.

    Get Better College Jobs

    While other students work part-time at a pizza place, you can work part-time as a software developer. Gain more valuable experience and earn 20 times the pizza place wage.

  • Jumpstart your career

    By the time you graduate from college, you will have been building advanced software applications for more than 4 years. Your experience and capabilities position you to start your career with a better company, in a more advanced role, at a higher pay grade.

    Ace Computer Science Classes

    Thinking of majoring in computer science? Start college way ahead of the curve. Ace classes, gain deeper understanding of the course work because you already understand the practical applications of what you learn in a way that other students do not.

High School Program Options

You are committed to personal growth and getting ahead of the curve - smart choice! Would you prefer to learn in smaller doses during the school year, or do an accelerated program over summer?


(Relaxed Pace)

50 weeks, 6 hours per week


(Higher Intensity)

12 weeks, 24 hours per week



  • thrilled to be so far ahead of the curve going into college. So many more doors are open for me now.


    Python | Student
  • Loved CodeIQ and most especially my 1-on-1 instructor David! Thank you for taking so much time to answer questions. I can’t wait to start computer science courses at Berkeley with so much knowledge and capability.


    HTML | Student
  • I’m not sure if CodeIQ is the reason I got into Dartmouth, but it was a big focus in my interview. At a minimum it made a difference.


    MySQL | Student
  • My older brother is an engineer at Google. He encouraged me to do CodeIQ and I can’t thank him enough. I’ve always had an eye for design, and now I can build the ideas in my head. A fun hobby, a future career, a path to entrepreneurship? I’m not sure, but I love the empowerment!


    iOS-Swift | Student
  • I’m building a community for soccer fans in the US. All of it myself. Feels great to be in flow. Excited for being able to make the most of my free time in college. If I never have to work for anyone else, my life plan will be on the right path.


    Python | Student
  • Having already been admitted to Harvard, I talked my parents into doing CodeIQ the summer before. I’ve always been a tech nerd, avid reader of Techcrunch and follower of companies in Y Combinator. This was a major step toward propelling me forward to make the news rather than read the news. I learned exponentially more than I expected to learn, and I went in with high expectation. Do the math on that!


    HTML5 | Student