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CodeIQ is already working directly with many of the most sought-after tech companies. If we do not already have a relationship with you, we are happy to start one.

Our College+ graduates are extremely high-performing youth. A typical graduate of Code IQ graduates from a top 50 school with a computer science, math, economics or business major.

Applicants are judged on the following three characteristics:

  • Analytical excellence
  • Track record of high achievement
  • Relentless passion for personal growth

Our applicants are typically around the 90th percentile on analytical standardized tests such as the SAT or GMAT

Our applicants were self-motivated to go beyond their coursework, dedicating time outside the classroom or workplace to achieve a baseline of practical excellence in software engineering.


Colleges attended or attending include:

Program Highligths

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    Our online environment is structured to replicate working at a Silicon Valley tech company. Students are given small challenges or larger projects which they code to solve. Students learn by doing. The hottest software applications (such as slack for messaging and Zoom for video-conferencing / screen sharing) are an integrated part of our school environment for collaboration, just as they are an integrated part of the work environment in Silicon Valley.

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    Real-Work Experience

    All learning comes from action. Our students develop their capabilities by developing software. Very little time is spent reading material or watching lecture as compared to other structured learning environments.


Due to high demand, we are currently working directly with Human Resources at technology companies. We are not currently working with outside recruiters.

CodeIQ does not charge any placement fees. Career services are only in place to facilitate assisting our graduates with achieving competitively-paid roles at high performing techcompanies.

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